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Hey! Our track Kitsune is available on this great compilation from Dead Channel.

  1. Per Byhring - Teadus II
  2. Svindrön - Pataphusikà
  3. Cignol - In Rhythm
  4. Naffdogg - Disposable World (John Merick Remix)
  5. Caleb Cobell - #35 Jamm (Meek Speaker Mix)
  6. Little Nobody - Sense And Senility
  7. Mirko-Kosmos - The Desert ft. Selina Sitara
  8. Pocketsquare - Argue The Future
  9. Russian Corvette - Granulacid
  10. Aniline - Kitsune
  11. VD - Dot Cott.
  12. Noisepsalm - Psalm Of The Pines

Dead Channel are extremely proud to present our latest compilation album – DC International.
This release showcases amazing electronic music that we’ve found from all around the globe (including France, Norway and Japan) and delivers an extremely varied yet rewarding listening experience.
Fans of Acid, Braindance, Electro, Techno and Industrial music are in for a treat, with Mirko Kosmos and VD Ripping up some Noise and busting out some glitched-up funk. Dramatic contrasts such as John Merick’s bad ass remix of Naffdogg’s Disposable World, against the ruthless intensity of Svindron (reminiscent to that of Aphex Twin’s Drukqs at times) are balanced by a coherence of mood and process that pervades the entire album.
This is an interesting time for independant music. A whole generation has grown up since the birth of the internet. Kids in hundreds of different countries are downloading software and making their own beats. Electronic music is now a global culture, and we’re happy to present to you, here, a small, but perfectly formed piece of it.

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