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Various Artists Dead Channel International

Hey! Our track Kitsune is available on this great compilation from Dead Channel.

This release showcases amazing electronic music 
that we’ve found from all around the globe 
(including France, Norway and Japan) and delivers 
an extremely varied yet rewarding listening experience.

Naffdogg Kickin' Leaves Remixes

  A remix we've done for Naffdogg is availble for free on Dead-channel.

  1. Kickin' Leaves
  2. Kickin' Leaves (Bo Legz Remix)
  3. Kickin' Leaves (Aniline Remix)
  4. Kickin' Leaves (Sal Volatile Remix)
  5. Kickin' Leaves (Wobble N Dubb Remix)
  6. Kickin' Leaves (Chris Kubex Remix)
  7. Kickin' Leaves (Autumn Dub)
Naffdogg returns to Dead Channel for his first solo outing since 2010’s
Pipework EP with the Kickin’ Leaves EP, which presents the original track
alongside six re-interpretations.
The original is a wonderful care-free journey into the mind of Naffdogg, with
it’s mix of funk-laden chopped beats, dreamy synth’s, tumbling chip melodies
and sub bass. Bo Legz turns in a nice solid 4×4 workout while still making use
of those lush melodies; Aniline rework the melodic elements into a dreamy
journey reminiscent of early Plaid; Sal Volatile presents the most radical
remix with heavy stepping beats and creeping synths; Wobble & Dubb keep the
feel of the original while toughening up the beats and hooks and Chris Kubex
goes deeper with a minimal approach.
Rounding out the package is the ‘Autumn Dub’ which adds ethereal vocals and
deep subs into the mix.’
We are also including the stems from the original version so feel free to loop,
mash up and glitch yourself stupid! Please send any remixes to
deadchannelrecords[at] we would love to hear them!
You will find the parts you need in a zip file called KL STEMS, packaged with
the release.

Mint - Glued, Stapled, Remixed

Our remix of Grace from Mint is available on this album.

A special release of commissioned remixes 
and winning entries to the 2009 Boltfish Remix competition 
derived from tracks on Mint's 2009 album "Cardboard Rocketships".
This album includes remixes by 
Mint, Cheju, Posthuman, Echaskech, Cyan341, 
Winter North Atlantic, Z-Arc and more.

Acidburp - The End Remixed 

Our remix of the track "I lost My Palindrome" from Acidburp is available for free on THEM records.
A truly massive release by Acidburp – The End Remixed. 
Remixes from Skip, Die Blutige Hand, Vertical67, 
Kallipolis, Aniline, Acidburp, Philops, Max Draztic, 
Molinari, Mitch Murder, and Mrs Jynx. 
Download and share.

The Centrifuge Remixed

Our remix of Martian from Mrs Jynx is available for free on this great compilation
[CF030] Various Artists – The Centrifuge Remixed
Released Sunday September 6th 2009 at, free download.
Something special to celebrate reaching the ripe old age of 30. 
Members of The Centrifuge’s ever-growing roster and invited 
friends contributed remixes of tracks from our back catalogue.

DedRMX compilation
Our remix of "808 beats" (Beat Freak) is on this special dedpop compilation!
Check the other releases from this netlabel, all is free download.


1. Kesta - Are you translucent (Silencide RMX) 
2. Sean Eskimo - Records for small children (Doss-House RMX) 
3. Lord Numb - A ? for a face (Sean Eskimo RMX) 
4. Silencide - Propaganda (Lord Numb RMX) 
5. Sean Eskimo - The R4 restriction (Silencide RMX) 
6. Daschon - Drosophile (Beat Freak RMX) 
7. Rykard - The Javo Super (Nocow RMX) 
8. Beat Freak - 808 Beats (Aniline RMX) 
9. Sean Eskimo - Control (Daschon RMX)

Hazardous Beat Treatment
Our track "céruleum" is on the Hazardous Beat Treatment compilation!

Subeclectic compilation number 2, 
check the other releases from this netlabel, 
all is free download.

Shortcore vol. 3
Our track "billebarré" is on the shortcore vol.3 compilation!

      Third installment of Shortcore, 
a funny compilations series with 10s tracks. 
 This time the line-up is: 
Illiqual, Captain Marmelade, Oerfil, 
Chris Moss Acid, Aniline, Monolog X, 
Pedro INF, Tidy Kid, and Austin Cassell.

Acid lovers -> check the other free releases on Monolog X

John Merrick - Beauty was the beast
 We remixed the track Hovy from John Merrick. 
Listen to this quality album!
John Merrick released two other great albums 
on SWISHCOtheque records
We highly recommend this crazy artist.

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