Various Artists – The Centrifuge Remixed

Our remix of Martian from Mrs Jynx is available for free on this great compilation

[CF030] Various Artists – The Centrifuge Remixed
Released Sunday September 6th 2009 at, free download.
Something special to celebrate reaching the ripe old age of 30. 
Members of The Centrifuge’s ever-growing roster and invited friends contributed remixes of tracks from our back catalogue.

Volume 1:
1. Mr Nibbles – m324 (NeuTek “Genus” Remix)
2. [Kill Ref] – Melanconica ClassM (Vertical67 Remix)
3. Scrubber Fox – Gash Rash (Koolmorf Widesen Remix)
4. Holy Mark Swift Remix, Gasman!
5. Joel-Aime Beauchamp vs brokeBust – Touched Megamix
6. Mr Nibbles feat. NeuTek – 303EMU
7. Koolmorf Widesen – Bow94 (Scrubber Fox Remix)
8. NeuTek – Orinoco (Roy Of The Ravers “Centrifugal Force” Remix)
9. Gareth Clarke – Disillusion (Yellow Then Blue Remix)
10. Oxynucid – The Doog (Oxynucid “Post-Jazz” Remix)
11. Myoptik feat. Data Out – Former Lunatic Bites (Reflexicon Remix)

Volume 2:
12. Mark Swift – Desparate Moments (The Gasman Remix)
13. Oxynucid – pH 6.6 (Quip Litmus Remix)
14. Koolmorf Widesen – Bow94 (Kill Ref Remix)
15. NeuTek – BestBefore (Mr Nibbles Remix)
16. Oxynucid – WATMM Wedding (Ursa “WATTM Funeral” Remix)
17. Uncool Sam – Oh8 (Myoptik “Tiny Revival” Remix)
18. NeuTek – Orinoco (Roy Of The Ravers “Laser Dome” Remix)
19. Mrs Jynx – Martian (Aniline Remix)
20. Mr Nibbles – m324 (NeuTek “Nibbldean” Remix)
21. NeuTek – Busby Soundsystem (Idiron Soundtrack Remix)
22. brokeBust – Changes (Sadistician “Yes, The Blood Does Come Anyway…” Remix)
23. Scrubber Fox – 12 Volt Minge (Feldermelder “quantsize” Remix)

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