DedRMX compilation

Our remix of "808 beats" (Beat Freak) is on this special dedpop compilation!

Check the other releases from this netlabel, all is free download.


1. Kesta - Are you translucent (Silencide RMX) 
2. Sean Eskimo - Records for small children (Doss-House RMX) 
3. Lord Numb - A ? for a face (Sean Eskimo RMX) 
4. Silencide - Propaganda (Lord Numb RMX) 
5. Sean Eskimo - The R4 restriction (Silencide RMX) 
6. Daschon - Drosophile (Beat Freak RMX) 
7. Rykard - The Javo Super (Nocow RMX) 
8. Beat Freak - 808 Beats (Aniline RMX) 
9. Sean Eskimo - Control (Daschon RMX)

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