interview @ the Greed – translated by Sarah Irvin

CM = commentator (Slush/Freddypogo)
AN = Flo from aniline

CM: So in fact one of you is always in lyon, and the other one is always in poitiers....  that’s a little bit of what gives the group its originality am i right?

AN: Yes... it's a bit complicated! In fact we've never met! We've chatted and worked over Skype since the very beginning. In fact we met each other on myspace... I appreciated his music he appreciated mine, and we said to each other why not make a track together; I start a section and you finish it you start it and i finish it or whatever, and then since the beginning i guess we made a whole bunch of tracks, and we never really stopped.

CM: Yeah quite a few tracks and I was saying, i mean realistically when we presented pixelated orchestra, this is the last album... or the first album really because its the first physical one.

AN: Yeah that’s it... the first physical album. We've made two proper albums, one on swishcotheque, about a year and a half ago and that one was called kakigori, and then after... about 8 month after that we had one on THEM records an album which was called raz el hanout. So there you go, and then we brought out an EP “Brunswick” on Unnamed  Label, and then pixelated orchestra.

CM: So it all happened very quickly?

AN: Pretty much yeah... and then alongside we have a fair few remixes here and there. So there you go.... we have plenty of fun.

CM: Is that the main goal of aniline? No projects in the pipelines? To really meet each other one day or.. never?

AN: Yeah yeah of course but you know we're not in a massive hurry just learning with time, we are busy with our jobs.  We aren't too worried I mean we just come home in the evening after work, we chat a bit on skype i throw him a rhythm he bats back a melody and so yeah... it's quite natural the way we work without ever really giving up. Some people play to PES…

CM: yeah or at call of duty...

AN: yeah that too haha... exactly... yep that’s pretty much it.

CM: So quite an original way of working then... does it cause any problems? like for the composition process? or is it actually almost easier?

AN: no no not really because alex often has the more melodic ideas, and i'm a bit of a maniac where the rhythm is concerned, or the ambiance of the music etc, so we are actually quite complimentary. So we always manage to work through to the end and we have fun doing it.  Maybe it’s the magic of working over the internet but we never really argue like group who get together for practises... stuff like that. so yeah... it happens quite naturally.

CM: So, is it that really you guys concentrate mainly on production, the tracks go together and then you don't need to go back over  it..  or is it still possible to disagree over skype?

AN: Yeah we have little disagreements sometimes from a musical point of view... but it’s never.. i mean we do get on really well so we never really have a reason to argue but it’s true that from a musical point of view that can last for hours... it might not be things that would concern everybody but we are quite perfectionist. It's quite difficult to talk about instruments, sounds, effects etc over skype, just because we use a lot of sounds so i might think that in a certain track we need more ZzzZZz, but it does really matter we have quite similar influences so we always know what the other one will like or what will just irritate him, because we have similar taste. So... yeah. At the end of the day we know each other well musically, so it flows well.

CM: So... you were talking about influences. Do you have common influences that you use in the music?

AN: Yeah of course, essentially the entire warp scene from the 90s, I think that comes through a bit in our compositions but also stuff like Plaid, Aphex twin, all stuff like that... like... it’s really based us in...

CM: Rephlex too..

AN: Sorry?

CM: Rephlex too I mean..

AN: Well yeah exactly, and everything that’s a little bit acid as well, we have definitely stayed in that period so.... so voila.

CM: So do you also have different influences, Alex as well as you, which come from more of an underground scene, or from research from before for example?

AN: Yeah otherwise we have a bit of an electronic influence...

CM: Yeah exactly...

AN: Yeah we also listen to loads of really different stuff. Personally I've always listened to a lot of hip hop and alex listens to a lot of jazz, we're very up to date on all the best groups from constellation label... all the post-rock, with godspeed you black emperor for example. Everything like mike patton with fantomas, Mr Bungle. And also hardcore like converge, Dillinger escape plan... John Zorn for the jazz with Naked city… We’ve done a remix for Britney Spears so… there is no limit!

CM: Yeah- it is really really diverse!

AN: Yep we just listen to everything and we like, keep an eye out!

CM: Well anyway it’s always a pleasure to listen to you guys, especially the pixelated orchestra and the other albums.

AN: Yeah with this one we've surpassed them all i think!

CM: Yeah yeah... it’s well cool. Respect. So tonight a mix.. a mix of... what have you prepared tonight?

AN: In fact it’s a bit of everything, some bits from the last album, a few remixs, there’s a remix we did for mrs jynx, one for Kettel, the track “Sachi” from musical friend Kalavnik, Japanese who is on Swishco and Them rec., and “Mittens” from Yimino.

CM: Anyway... I hope you like it. And so we're off... for 42 minutes or something like that.

Many thanks to Sarah Irvin!

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